Attn X-66 owners and techs We now can renew your tabs writing/engraving to like new. Contact use for details. We also have the special wrench that fits the scanner pulley setscrews. Setscrews also available. We are B-3 experts as well. We have most all X-66 parts,assemblies, boards, scanners etc.

Technical Engineer Keith H Clark

I started at the young age of 10 years experimenting with Hi-Fi equipment, magnets, speakers and most anything that made music. After being bought a Hammond A-102 and taking lessons, my interest in electronics never waned. That first Hammond had innovations with no extra circuitry except switches and wire. Extra fast decay percussion, 4 drawbar pedals, Leslie fast speed simulation with vibrato tinkering, celeste and other features.
I can't remember, just somewhat remember my first organ. An Eminee electric wind unit with 2 or 3 octaves. It did'nt sound very good as probably neither did I! This came and went. Still organs always held a special interest for me.
At around age 11 the Thomas rep was in the Concord, NH Sears store and demonstrated a Thomas (sears silvertone ) organ. My parents bought it and my musical journey began. I had that organ for a year or two before trading it in for a Hammond A-102 console seeing them at the Hopkinton fair.
My music teacher Frank Heffer faired better as he was around longer than the Thomas. I kept the A-102 later adding a Hammond PR-40 as at that time I disliked Leslie speakers. This combination I kept until leaving home. When the X-66 came out I wanted one in the worst way but could not afford one. I continued my musical education with teachers Marion Howell, Karen DeSalvo and finally with Ralph Woodworth Jr.
From early days on I played various fairs and worked for various dealers. Music has been a kind companion. I played shows and lounges enjoying more than my fair share of standing ovations at different programs. I was lucky to have grown up during the time of many organ greats such as Ethel Smith, Jesse Crawford,Eddie Layton,Lenny Dee, Jimmy Smith etc. Later on Hal Vincent, Claudia Hirschfeld, Hector Olivera, most of whom I am grateful to have had as musical colleagues and friends.
I am also lucky to have been involved with Hammond, Conn, Thomas, Baldwin organs. Also had good friends with people at ARP synthesizers.
Today I am a happy Roland organ owner. They have carried the torch since the original Hammond company left us.
My more formal training included numerous service schools by all major manufacturers, including Roland to this day. I have solved various in field problems/defects for companies. I also learned broadcast engineering with Cleveland Institute of Electronics. Service for people began in 1969, service a mainstay of my life. Through time innovative robust products have sprung forth to solve unique or unsolvable problems. Premium Elite has many satisfied customers such as Grace Potter, John Fusco etc. From performers to movie writers.

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