Hammond & Leslie Synthetic Oil-ISI Controls HLS2 oil

A new oil developed after five years of intensive research and decades of repairing tonewheel generators that have had proper and improper lubrication either through lack of maintenance or use of wrong oil. Use of the wrong oil is destructive of the oiling threads and can cause lack of lubrication resulting generator bearing damage.

ISI’s new synthetic formulation is rust preventative having a very high and low temperature rating. This helps generators start in cold conditions and protects motors during extended run time. It helps keep oiling threads free and clear with its purity of no ash and no wax content. Lower evaporation due to its synthetic composition prompts service intervals of two years instead of the one year interval. Benefits are better lubrication for a quiet and smooth running generator and scanner, easier starting in temperature extremes, longer service intervals, less residue with time. Give your generator and leslie motors an easier and longer life. The ONLY synthetic formulation of this caliber.

Key repair kit-KR1

Finally a real way to repair keys that suffer the most common breakage failure. The mounting towers on the keys break. Once one of the two mounting towers breaks, the remaining one will follow suit. Gone are the days of gluing and epoxying broken keys. If the major part of the key is intact just install kit with custom screws and lockwashers. Key is again as good as new. New design will not back out causing loose rattly keys and does not require old mounting towers. This is an important new product as replacement keys are becoming more scarce every day. Kit is stainless steel.

ISI Controls Leslie Speed Controls-LSC3

The new standard of speed control for Leslie speakers. Provides chorale-stop/coast-fast for all Leslies. Permits normal fast-slow operation, fast-off,slow off any combination. Effects such as the fast spin up from stop, coast down to stop or braking. System is low voltage control. No more AC in CT switch. Noiseless operation with solid state overrated relays. Control all three Leslie families with one CT control simultaneously. Balanced/unbalanced simultaneous drive and switching options. Control Hammond cabs as well with remote reverb control on PR series cabinets. Each system custom built. For all 6 pin,9 pin,11 pin.