To all my valued customers:
Due to the pandemic all on location service calls are on hold. Because I value your health and my health, I have taken these safety precautions. When I have received the vaccine and any customer has written confirmation of the vaccination i will do on site service for you maintaining safety all around. Repairs in shop still being done on a drop off, retrieve when done or ship in/ship out status. Please be advised parts delivery to us has been much slower than usual.
I apologize for any and all inconvenience this has caused.
We will all get through this together. I have lost too many other techs during this time.
To all previous customers,,we have moved and phone number 802-748-2955 does NOT work.
Please call 802-467-1042 or cell 603-759-5814

Premium Elete is happy to welcome you!
Technical Engineer Keith H Clark


Serving New Hampshire since 1965. New England and beyond since 1969.

Feel free to contact us anytime in case you have any questions or concerns.
Keith H. Clark - West Burke, Vermont
Vermont 802-467-1042 - New Hampshire 603-759-5814

Business Hours-9AM-5PM Monday-Saturday EASTERN time
If no immediate answer please leave message, I will get to you as soon as possible.

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On-site or In shop Hammond Organ repair. Leslie Speaker repair service for Churches and home in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Exclusive Products. Call me and we can sort our your needs.

X-66 owners/Parts and Service

Attn X-66 owners and techs

Hammond 'X'-66, 'X'-77, B-3, C-3, A-100

We now can renew your tabs writing/engraving to like new. Contact use for details. We also have the special wrench that fits the scanner pulley setscrews. Setscrews also available.
We are B-3 experts as well.
We have most all X-66 parts,assemblies, boards, scanners etc.

I am X-66 specialists

I am a graduate of Cleveland Institute of Electronics.
Certified with major manufacturers.
Engineer of ISI Controls
I also service most makes and models
I have-
Jensen V21 HF drivers
Jensen woofers, including EM models
Altec HF drivers
Altec woofers
Altec crossovers
Rebuild OE Leslie xovers
Tonewheel generators
Reverb units-REAL Gibbs/Hammond/Accutronics-US made not imports
Necklace high end units-both equal length spring difference later units and earlier 1 long spring units